Books read in English


Several members of the reading club read the book in the original version. The titles of the books in English recommended by our members and by the visitors of this site are provided below.


Coetzee, John Maxwell – Disgrace (2005-2006)

Didion, Joan – The year of magical thinking (2010-2011)

Faulks, Sebastian – Birdsong (2003-2004)

Mukherjee, Siddharta - The Emperor of all Maladies

McEwan, Ian – Saturday (2009-2010)

MacDonald, Ann-Marie - The way the crow flies (2005-2006)

McCann, Colum - Let the great earth spin (recommanded by Agnes Kennedy- Ireland, visitor)

Arundathi Roy - The God of small things

Jordan, Winthrop D. - White over Black (about slavery and racism; hardly recommended by Vera Bellemans). This book earned the National Book Award, the Bancroft Prize and other honors.